Committee/Team Description Lead/Person(s) in charge
Organizing Committee Overall coordination of family reunion Lisette Préfontaine – Grand(e) Puba
Aggie Fréçon – Food & Finances
Debbie Fréçon
Email: (Lisette)
Registration (Online) Managing all online registrations and payments Melissa Préfontaine
Facilities/Logistics Setup and take-down, general upkeep of facilities (bathrooms, hall, etc.) TBD
First Aid Person in charge of being main contact in case of medical needs Berthe Denis
Parking & Welcome Provide details for parking and camping locations Gerald Préfontaine & Danny Préfontaine
Registration (Friday at the reunion) Check-in all family members and provide name tags and bracelets Lisette Préfontaine & Aggie Fréçon
Shift Assignment Prepare and manage list of shifts/tasks for family members Berthe Denis & Monique Préfontaine
Kitchen Boss Oversee kitchen prep and cleanup Aggie Fréçon, Debbie Fréçon & Lisette Préfontaine
Adult Games Organize adult games (Horseshoes, Baseball, Golf) TBD
Kids’ Games Organize kids’ games TBD
Family Variety Show MC Present the family acts and provide a little comic relief in between shows! Lisette Préfontaine
Scavenger Hunt Organize and judge scavenger hunt Vic & Pat Préfontaine
Family Update Oversee exchange of Family Update documents Novelene Martin
Family Book Collect and update Family Book Novelene Martin
Silent Auction Collect items, organize tables and bid sheets, confirm and announce winning bids. Novelene Martin
Complaints Feedback Berthe Denis & Danny Préfontaine
Website Updating content and regular maintenance Melissa Préfontaine